Executive Director

Mayne Mihacsi The orchestra has hired a new Executive Director. Mayne Mihacsi will assume the role that was made possible by a joint fellowship grant from Intel Corporation and Social Venture Partners-Portland (SVP).

Mayne is one of more than 240 retiring Intel employees that have become “Encore Fellows” with local nonprofit organizations where they help the organization build capacity, operate more efficiently, and ultimately, have a broader impact on their community. Paid for by Intel and managed by SVPP, Beaverton Symphony stands to benefit significantly from this unique opportunity.

“I’m excited to help guide the Beaverton Symphony Orchestra to the next level.” says Mayne, “We have big plans to expand BSO programs and increase awareness to build upon our growing audience.”

Mayne is the perfect person to be BSO’s first Executive Director: he is a musician with a background in strategic planning and marketing at Intel Corporation. He is an avid trumpet player who enjoys donating his time to three organizations: Oregon Symphonic Band, Beaverton Community Band, and Beaverton Symphony Orchestra.

According to BSO Music Director, Travis Hatton, BSO is proud to promote from within. Mayne is someone we know and trust, a loyal BSO member and a fine musician. And, he just happens to have an accomplished professional background which he’s willing to bring to bear for BSO.”

Throughout his 30 years at Intel, Mayne was the lead advocate for new products; now as he transitions to nonprofit work, he’s once again a lead advocate—for the Beaverton Symphony Orchestra.