Young Artists Competition

The judges for this year's competition are:

to be announced

And here are the finalists :

Renee Zhang

Renee Zhang – 15 years old, sophomore at Lincoln High School - Violin

Gemma Tung

Gemma Tung – 13 years old, 8th grader at Catlin Gabel School - Cello

Tristan Jong

Tristan Jong – 16 years old, junior at Southridge High School – Piano

Alex Yao

Alex Yao – 16 years old, sophomore at Westview High School - Violin

Cammie Lee

Cammie Lee – 14 years old, freshman at Catlin Gabel School - Violin

Pieter Top

Pieter Top – 16 years old, junior at Wilsonville High School - Piano


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